The 5 Best Tablets For Under Two Hundred Dollars

Android is fast becoming the most popular mobile operating system. It is fast, reliable (most of the time) and free! This open source operating system has taken the world by storm and pushed tablets into the main stream. Hundreds of apps and a host of cheap tablets are two of the main driving forces behind the success of android but with so many tablets on the market it can be difficult and confusing to find the best of the bunch.

Below are five of the best tablets currently available and the best bit is, they are all available for under two hundred dollars.the-best-tablets

1. Google nexus 7.

It seems the obvious choice because everybody has been talking about it but it is seriously difficult to find another tablet with this much bang for your buck. With the nexus seven you get a simply unbelievable tablet for $199. Quad core processor and accelerated graphics mean that you won’t regret spending your cash on a nexus 7. The speed and interface design make the Nexus 7 the best of the bunch and you also get the newest version of Android.

2. Amazon kindle fire HD.

The kindle fire is amazon’s entry into the world of tablet computing and is a direct competitor with the nexus 7. The kindle fire is another seven inch tablet and features an easy to use operating system and a fantastic HD screen. If you like music and books then this is the tablet for you. You have easy access to massive libraries however its web browsing experience lets it down.

3. Andy pad.

The Andy pad is one of the cheapest tablets in this list but don’t let that put you off. This is a great piece of kit for under a hundred and fifty dollars. As well as its robust design and sturdy feel it also has an HDMI output and an SD expansion slot, the nexus seven has neither of these. A major stumbling block however is the resistive screen. Seriously, who puts a resistive screen on a tablet in this day and age?!

4. Archos Arnova.

Archos are the granddaddy of tablets really. They were one of the first to start manufacturing tablets and as such the experience is quite slick. This tablet is cheap but again you get a reasonable spec but again you get the resistive touch screen. The first thing you will realise when you pick up the archos ten is the size of the screen. At over 10 inches, it is massive! The archos also has an SD expansion slot, something that is sadly missing from the nexus 7. The Archos is good as a cheap video player but that’s about it really, the resistive screen becomes a real hassle to use after a while.

5. Barnes and noble nook.

The nook looks fantastic. It has a great HD screen and a slick case but it just doesn’t pack the same punch as the Kindle or the Nexus 7. For those that don’t know who Barnes and Noble are, they are a massive book seller. The Nook is a good tablet and if you hadn’t seen the Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle fire HD then you might be happy with it.

So there you have it. It isn’t an exhaustive list of tablets but these five a re currently the best on offer for under two hundred dollars. It’s hard to think that you can actually get something this good for that price.

The battle of the tablets will go on and on and nobody can really say which are going to be around in ten years. Above we have told you which are the best budget tablets. If you happen to buy one then your next step might be to find a wallpaper. Tabpimps offer an unbelievable range of free tablet wallpapers.

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